Monday, February 6, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa have 47 Times the Wealth, because they had Good Jobs and We Did Not ?

Older Americans are 47 times Richer Than Young

No, I didn't make that statistic up...

47 Times RICHER!

Hey all any of us have to do under the age of 50, is look and compare the lives of our grandparents and parents. Take a look at the obits sometime, and read the ones of people in their 90s and 80s and how they worked at Company A, B, and C for upwards of 30-40 plus years or even had long time jobs for over 25 years. How much is that happening for people now? It's called the social contract, stability, and well it is gone. No decent life sustaining jobs, means no house, no savings, no building up of wealth and planning. Life becomes all about survival. 

---The Squawker

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