Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flowers for Algernon in America

I saw this comment posted on Zero Hedge:

"America is a country that punishes anybody with functioning brain cells.  
If you have a brain in America, you are ostracized. If, on the other hand, you only have a sponge in your cranium, and absorb the official propaganda and keep believing that "tomorrow" will be better, that you will be younger and richer tomorrow, and your kids will grow up to be billionaires, you are rewarded and promoted. 
You are a positive thinker! A real American hero!
The net result is that the people who ascend hierarchies in America are the people with no brains.
I can think of only a few other countries with this level of propaganda...North Korea perhaps."
They are so correct. Question the system and well, today it's harder to get a job, harder to get a place of belonging. I noticed years ago, that some of the bosses seemed less "smarter". I also noticed that those getting some of those great corporate jobs, it was not because they were talented or innovated but because they parroted the party line. One deviation from the norm today whether it be mental, physical or other is enough to get cast out into the cold. Intelligence is one of those deviations.

Question what is going on and the official propaganda from Big Brother, that is enough. They don't want thinkers out there anymore. Look at the lies they have everyone believing. It astonishes me how they still are telling young people, "College will bring you a great job!" and how many deny what is happening right in front of their eyes. You can post warnings on a social website but the stars remain in the young people's eyes no matter what you tell them. Your life serves as no lesson to the deluded. America lives on false dumbed down dreams care of Disney World and Hollywood. Reality for many still hasn't set in. ---The Squawker