Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Punk Rock Art Corner: We Salute Karen Handel's Glorious Victory

<"This is an example
of the fundamental difference
between a liberal
and a conservative:
I do not support
a livable wage.">


<"I will not be lectured 
by you or anyone else.">

<You can't believe everything 
you read in the press.
Everyone knows that.">

<"What I support
is moving Medicaid to block grants
so that the state
can drive that process.">

<"Planned Parenthood
is a gigantic bully,
using Komen
as its punching bag.">

<"The people of this district
want a congressman
that they know
that they trust,
someone who has 
a real track record.">

<You can fool 
all the people
part of the time.
And that is enough.">

<Edgar Lee Masters,
"The New Spoon River">

<The Reckoner>