Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Punk Rock Alphabet (Take IV): London Calling Style

A Nuclear Error,
But I Have No Fear,
'Cos London...
a) Is
Still Burning
(So Don't Bother Dialing 999)

b) Is Rocking
(& It Doesn't Matter)

c) Is Drowning,
& I 
(....Fill in the blank, then)

Stop Running,The Wheat
Is Growing Thin:
a) Evacuate 
The City,
b) Fearing It's Time...
c)Crawl Back
In The Cupboard
(You Boys 'N' Girls)

Forget It, Brother,
Go It Alone:
a)Till You...
...Hold Out Anew, 
Draw Another Breath
 b) Till The Imitation Zone
Has Its Say...
 c) Till The
Faraway Towns
Fade Back Into View:

I Never Felt So Much Alike:
a) Sellin'
All That 
Phoney Beatlemania..
b) Singin' The Blues...
c) Swingin' That Truncheon Thing...

...& After All This... (Don't You Owe Me 
A Smile?)

<The Reckoner>

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