Saturday, June 6, 2015

Humans Need Not Apply

Have you ever wondered why this not being addressed? How there are LESS jobs due to automation?

How do they expect people to BUY what is made when there is no jobs? Very few of the politicians are even paying attention to this. When I was young they used to say technology would bring more leisure and wealth to the average person. We aren't seeing this. A few are growing very rich while more are growing poorer and poorer. My day to day life really isn't any different then it would have been in the 1960s save for my Internet access.

We are just seeing more unemployment and a wide distance between the rich and poor. None of these technological wizards are even asking if they should do what they are doing. Wisdom is thrown out the door.

Some may even computer program themselves out of a job! I don't use self-check cashiers, I'd rather deal with a human.  Life is impersonal enough.

You have to do more of the work with a computer. It's you doing all the bagging of the food and moving it onto the scale.

One thing, it seems all the technology is bringing dystopian nightmares into reality instead of any new human renaissance of thinking and creativity. Have you noticed that?  Why aren't the machines freeing up the humans? They seem to just be enslaving us more.

Since the machines lack souls, it's just making everything regimented. What happens in a world where everything is automated and there is nothing to do? What happens in a world where only a tiny segment of the population has a job? Mankind could blow himself up back into the Dark Ages soon which will make the computers a moot point but there are many in denial about how severe things are getting in the work-world. Very few people are asking if these are technological roads we should even head down? Overall, maybe this is an issue to be addressed if most people are unemployable, what kind of society will that be without major changes?--The Squawker

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  1. I guess that you don't understand business, and what it's there for. All they want to do is make money, and if that means making you unemployed, that's what they're going to do.unfortunately, you and your friends are supporting it, by buying and using all this technology all the time. If you could get a ton of other people, to stop using all this automated, made stuff, that might be different. But you and millions of your friends are all buying it and using it.– – so monetarily, you're supporting it. I sometimes watch people go somewhere, where they have a choice of buying something that's handmade, locally, and not machine made in another country, Mass., made, and you know what they do? They refuse to buy anything that's handmade, even locally, or not by machine; they deliberately go find the machine made, mass manufactured items, made in another country,Much cheaper, and they buy those, Instead.I have watched people do this in America over and over and over.they Even do it at summertime art sales; they ignore all the handmade art, and they go for the mass manufactured, machine copied, stuff, and they ignore all the locally made stuff that's usually handmade.and this is at an outdoors summertime art sale! All of the artists there Don't make any money and don't sell anything; the art fair people themselves make all their money off of selling the booths to the artists.and most of the money is made by the food concessions, and beer. So that is WHO is making the money. And that is WHY they're making it. Yes, it's true some day there will be hardly very few jobs, and huge populations will be out of work permanently. We will be completely unneeded. There is even a very good book called "the drowning Towers", science fiction written decades ago by an Australian author. It completely predicted what's happening now; there are very few jobs and too many people in the world. You should get the book and read it it'll scare the hell out of you. But it's probably going to happen. It's very well written, fantastically, and the guy predicted it decades ago.and it's also very entertaining. But keep in mind, something like this is probably going to happen.and yes, they don't care if you're all unemployed. They just think, "too bad for you."