Sunday, February 19, 2012

Poor America

It's sad that it's always foreign news now telling us what is happening in America, while our news lies to us about the 'improved economy". Reading some of this news,  I shook my head sadly, having just taken a trip down by the local mall seeing even more closed down stores.

At least here, Panorama presents some truths. I found it interesting that now we have the lowest social mobility of all the modern nations. I would say social mobility has SUNK, and for many the trip down the ladder is down. They show the poor people forced to wait outside for the doctor, I saw this in my old rural town. Not everyone has the health to stand outside in the cold. There the 'free clinic" would have a long line of the uninsured unable to get medical help standing for hours in line and shivering.

When poor, medical insurance is one of the first things that go overboard. The Reckoner has needed a surgery for years, it is for veins that do not close properly, and not considered an "emergency surgery", there is no help available. It has been 4 years, we asked the doctor for help but was turned down, and told either have the $5400 dollars upfront or just go without. The Squawker in her life has paid a very high price for not having medical insurance and having problems go undiagnosed too long, this included not having the 500 dollars upfront for a thyroid test in the 1990s.

What is the main reason that people go without medical care? They do not have good jobs or have jobs or income that do not provide it. When someone makes 8 dollars an hour, and has a $1,000 dollar spend down to even get the most basic of tests, many who are working even go without. The video presents the Republican politicians who now preach "blame the poor" and "hate the poor".

The Squawker does not think much of the hapless Democrats either. Obama has signed trade deals with foreign countries this year assuring that even more jobs will disappear from our country. Both parties have betrayed this country.

I think people need to question the myths that this is the "richest country in the world" and 'an economic giant". Those days are over. Our manufacturing sector country-wide not just in Detroit has collapsed. Homeless shelters are filling and tent cities are springing up. They show some of those tent cities. Today people do not realize that many homeless shelters are filling up. As you watch the part about the tent cities, ask yourself why people are living in tents in a nation full of empty foreclosed houses? I do not think that is acceptable either.

Many of our homeless are underground, they know the price of being too visible is being rounded up and arrested for loitering or harassed, many are taking to the woods or RV campers or living in their car or van. I found the guy full of nonsense who said "People need the skills to be independent". How many people are there WITH SKILLS and even the college education, who are left unemployed. With Obama, the economic collapse began before well him. Obama has supported the bankers, and bail-outs and more which have helped bankrupt this nation. The video speaks of the economy "showing growth", perhaps some are making money but for the majority, the poverty is growing worse. --The Squawker

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  1. I think it would be good if people were taught the basics on how to start their own business. Even ones that could be done from home. How to market themselves, what might have to be done to comply with regulations, etc.