Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Punk Rock Poetry Corner: The People's Haikus

Congressman Scrooge: run
that "Surplus Population 

Joke" by me once more.

Scrooge replies: people
suck up to you around here...
God, I love this place!

Great Elevator're over 40?
We hired someone else.

Take a pay cut, grin

through your boss's jokes..ah, Stockholm
Syndrome in Action.

Executive Blues

skimming paychecks is hard work...
tax exile awaits.

A conspiracy

of stocks speaks louder than guns
drop the greenmail bombs.

Your pension blows up,

you won't work till you drop?
only when pigs fly.

My dreams ran aground:

this scratch off ticket netted
me...only 5 bucks.

Lobbying: my way 

of saying..."It's return
on investment time."

The poor grow poorer, cannot feast on 
air and promises.

Class warfare, you say?

true enough: why rock your boat
when I can sink it?

Hey Mr. Banker:
Remember...As long as I breathe,
my hope burns bright!

-----The Reckoner

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