Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Those Who Try To Silence the Poor in American Society

We got one of these guys commenting here...

They always follow the same trend of thought...

"Oh you're acting like a bunch of victims"

Notice the ship is sinking and these graveyard whistlers never have much to add to the conversation except more stigma and condemnation?

They always blame the unemployed, poor, underemployed and welfare recipients instead of the trillions sent overseas to help OTHER nations and bankers and to wage wars. For folks like this, the politicians have totally managed to brainwash. Maybe the day their job is gone, is the day they will wake up, but then it probably would be too late.

The 1980s mantra "You can just get rich" really took over, didn't it. Where these guys imagine jobs ready to be plucked from trees for the taking that pay living wages, and 1950s prices. Perhaps their wealth allows them to live in a dream world of expecting everyone to live the same they do.

All I know, is I know tons of people getting laid off and the ones WITH jobs are seeing that pay cut and the prices all around us are sky rocketing. But cognitive dissonance is an interesting enterprise, some would rather just lie to themselves and lie to others rather then face the truth.

If you note, the poor and working class, really do not exist in American media. We do not even have TV shows that shows anyone poor outside of crime shows, which that is another issue to be explored. No Laverne and Shirley on TV today, two factory workers wouldn't be given the time of day now.

There is a reason for that you know. And well I plan to speak out no matter the gas lighters and ones who say "You are too poor, crawl back in your cave, VICTIM"! Ah what an abused word, that is. It is not the victims who really face what is going on, but the truth tellers.-The Squawker


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  2. Got another comment from the "I only like winners" guy.

    Proud of having no emotions for others? Hey this country has bred them like rabbits. Don't forget they did a study saying they suspected 10% of high level Wall Street folks lacked a conscience

    Weird comments about this blog glamorizing poverty. Like poverty is glamorous? Who said that, neither of us--The Squawker.

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  3. The Moderator giveth, the Moderator taketh away...welcome to what we call Moderator Hell. --The Reckoner

  4. >I knew you couldn't take it too much longer.<

    No, it's more a question of boredom,'ve said your piece, and so have we, and we're moving on. Enjoy the comfort of your igloo, which is where you shall remain. --The Reckoner