Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Squawker's Introduction to Ramen Noodle Nation

It's about time, that there was a blog to speak for those of us who have been left with out a voice, where our life's reality is not shown in books, media or anywhere else anymore. Where only the lives of the wealthy are allowed to be shown in books and television, as the days of Willa Cather, Alice, and Laverne and Shirley are long gone. The truth about the collapsing American dream and finding a life outside the constricting box that has been drawn for so many as consumerist materialism falls off a cliff. Some of us see what is coming and already have been living it, while others remain asleep in the decline, that accelerates faster. This blog will be about telling the truth, and speaking for those who have been pushed to the margins. It was named after Ramen Noodles, the cheapest food, that many who live on the cusp turn to for sustenance and to fill their bellies. --The Squawker

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