Saturday, March 4, 2017

Seen on Reddit: Why Does Work Suck So Much Now?

Work used to be the way you provided not only for yourself, but your community. You were the village baker or blacksmith, and people knew you and you helped them out and they helped you out.
But now it's just about accumulating garbage in your laughable urban shitbox while corporate overlords solemnly lecture you about how traditional values like family and decency are homophobic and evil.

Basically Americans and maybe moderns in general have no universal, ordering way of looking at life. There is no way to understand how different parts of your life are suited for some greater purpose, which means that literally nothing will satisfy the human need for meaning.
Our system is literally designed to make people feel sad and inadequate so they try and make themselves feel better. Your hair is ugly, so buy this shampoo! Etc. This drives a consumer, consumption fraud economy.

The true nature of man is to be a human who loves his family and his friends and cares for his soul and the souls of others. But moderns try and keep the material and spiritual totally separate to deny and exploit the body.

Sitting in a cubicle doing paperwork for 40 years until you're too senile to continue is no existence. You work in a huge glass tower in the center of a hideously overcrowded, polluted metropolis, you hustle past thousands of other humans you don't know every single morning, you have no zero close friends, you see your elderly parents once or twice a year, you have no children despite the fact you're 30, you spend nearly all of your work and leisure time staring at layers of molecules aligned between two transparent electrodes and two polarizing filters, you are fucking STRESSED OUT by these illuminated molecules and the various pixels they comprise, your hair turns grey and falls out as a result.

Is there ANY part of this that sounds like something a human being should be doing? If you hijacked a chimp, put a burlap sack over its face and set it free in a lazer tag arena it would probably feel pretty stressed out too.

This guy is definitely on to something though many have it worse then just staring at a computer screen in a clean office, they are being abused by angry customers or having to be on their feet 12-14 hours a day while abused, and feeling hopeless and no meaning in life. It does seem work in the old days had more of a VOCATION to it--The Squawker

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