Saturday, February 25, 2017

Guest Cartoon: The Highwayman: "I Got Cut Off (At The...)"

<Courtesy Of: The Highwayman

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It's been a tough week at Highwayman HQ, from what our friend tells me...for six days last week, give or take, his phone got cut off, apparently because a) he didn't receive his disconnect notice, nor b) did he get the robo-"courtesy call" that he's been conditioned to dread for the last year or so.

No matter, Mr. Phone Company Manager assured the Highwayman. "Don't always expect that." 

"But aren't those things usually automated?" our bewildered Guest Cartoonist Hero ventured.

"Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't," Mr. Phone Company Manager responded. "We don't always have staffing to do that."

"But how can I make a payment arrangement with you, when I didn't even know I was in trouble? I've been a customer of yours for 10 years. It's not like I ask you for favors every time we talk," the Highwayman sputtered.

"Unfortunately, a promise to pay isn't good enough," Mr. Phone Company Manager responded. "We need at least $87.03 to get you turned back on. Have a good day."


Pen in hand, the Highwayman vented his feelings....and this is the end result. He tinted it blue to match the mood. If you've ever found yourself in a similar strait...I'm sure you can relate. --The Reckoner

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