Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tiny House

They got the rich yuppies living in these things now, to lower their carbon footprint but soon these things will be for you to live in. The shack "chic" will turn into the acceptability of people living in "shacks" or "sheds" and being charged big bucks to do so--The Squawker.

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  1. You are correct, Canadians on the land next to me, builft "little houses," sold for $100,00. total, each.not all of them sold,even some of the land is vacant.yeah, they are probably shacks/this land here is so low-value,but the taxes are HIGH.ITS GENTRIFIED--Eugene, OR, and the town is ruined.GENTRIFIED TOWNS are usually OVER-EXPENSIVE, high cost of live, and only have the rich--every native has to move away.But renters have worse rent than home buyers.Renting is now more expensive.ROTTEN ECONOMY, ROTTEN GOVT. and rotten politicians. America is over.HILLARY WANTS "open borders", better arm myself up!!!thanks!!