Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our Rich Help the Poor Overseas and Ignore American Poor

The Occupy Movement represented a clear indication that the working poor, or precariat, is no longer feeling represented by the First World state. With this massive inclusion of a working-class, poor, ethnically diverse group, to the already and obviously marginalized, the population of Fourth World America at the very least rivals the population of First World America. And while the American government continues to nominally supply aid to the Third World, the Fourth World inside the U.S. is slowly being forgotten.
While the First World criticises various governments in traditionally Third World continents as being unfair and corrupt — calling them out for their ongoing human rights abuses — the abuses being perpetrated on the Fourth World are constantly ignored, no matter how similar the two start to appear.Meanwhile, as the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, defines the Flint issue as a failure of government at all levels,” those governments still claim to represent the citizens of Flint and their best interests.
If this is the representation a growing majority of people are subject to in America, then the way the First and Fourth World are understood needs to be reevaluated. More importantly, where the United States fits within the list must be reconsidered. Only when we begin to see our own situation from a new perspective can we learn how to fix it, or find a solution.
The poor and working class in America have been abandoned and the technocrat,business professional class and the churches are more busy collecting wealth to send overseas. They can't keep the fact that our nation is falling apart and large swathes of the landscape look like third world hell holes secret forever. I refuse to sit in some church collecting money for the new third world colonization as people in America go without help, notice or voice.---The Squawker

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