Monday, June 10, 2013

The Duped Tea Party Set

This is right from a Tea Party page on a major social website:

They are being set up by a fall too, by those who are busy destroying the economy from the top. They are ready and eager to clean out their pensions and bank accounts a la Cyprus.

The Tea Party set while right to be concerned about growing avenues of tyranny and over-taxation, are being duped just as much as the liberal Obama set.

They are told people are poor because they are "losers" and sadly, many of them believe the lies about the economy improving. They have been set up to defend the robber barons at all costs. While they blame Obama for everything, they will ignore that Bush brought the Patriot Act in to begin with.

Ever meet one of those libertarian types who may be good about civil liberties, but still will defend a world "free market" economy, and American jobs sent overseas? It's set up that way. Our owned media influences each demographic to think in a way that benefits the very top.

The Tea Party set will kick the dogs below them, while the ones on top will make out like bandits! They have been fully indoctrinated into the belief that the poor are lessers, and deserving of their ill economic fate and lazy. Are there lazy people? Sure there are, but in a country with unemployment and underemployment is at the levels they are at, the picture is far bigger.

Trust me, even if a person had a good job before, and lost it and fell down the ladder, these types will cut you no break. Pompous and prideful in their place, they don't even want to imagine that they too one day could be in the same position. They will blather to us about their work ethic and how hard they worked as the economy implodes around them.

Wasn't the original Tea Party about freedom? These folks sure aren't.--The Squawker


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  2. Hey go ahead! Thanks for the publicity!

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  4. Actually, The Squawker collects loads of stamps from many of the world's lesser-known nations...such as Burundi (nice colorful birds), Ecuador, Honduras, Tanzania (lots more colorful birds, and reptiles), Togo, and too many others to name. Actually, if you've got any from Guinea Bissau, or Equatorial Guinea, The Squawker would appreciate a line on availability. Thank you! --The Reckoner