Monday, April 22, 2013

Punk Rock Poetry Corner: The People's Haikus #3: Shootout At The Dream Factory

Note to authors: want
Royalties? Go see the queen
of England, not me.

Celebrity book
deals reign supreme: it's a small world,
dude, who needs you?

First novel doesn't
sell? Better luck next time, kid.
Show us your platform!

Your cupboard feeling
cold & clammy? Better talk with
my assistant, friend:

Hey, I'm your agent!
I meant what I said (at the
time that I said it).

"Wait a minute," I
demand, "not so fast...sure, cream
rises. So does crap."

On the horizon,
I smell puffs of mutiny,
DIY cries ringing free

Spreading our stories
via the blog or handheld
reader (making us 

all town criers (no
longer selling works for hire,
always & forever):

this deal sounds better:
high time for a shootout at
...the dream factory.

So where's the grapeshot?
The whiff of gunpowder has
never smelled sweeter

than it does here &
so, forgive me, if I want
the taste in my mouth

to linger just a
little bit longer, since cream
rises (remember)?

                          <The Reckoner>

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