Monday, April 22, 2013

Punk Rock Poetry Corner: Banana Nation

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Banana Nation

America can't keep the lights on anymore
A million applicants for 50,000 jobs at McDonalds!
A dying economy, failing infrastructure
Open the door
Look at Brazil
There is the core of the future
Wake up it's morning
The living room is trashed
The dream is over
America is out of cash
Yet another useless war to add
To the trillions already spent overseas
When bridges collapse here
Every time there is a freeze
We have a dying way of life
Squashed between limousine liberals
And tough on crime conservatives
Who keep voting on both sides
For the 535 of inept Barney Fife's
Who are more busy keeping the corporations
Happy and their own pockets filled
While the American dream is killed
Young people say goodbye to your own home
Hospitals, hobbies, the ability to roam
Free time, vacations and security
You'll be baited and switched
As you make $6-7 dollars an hour now worth $2
At a job you spent 4 years and $50-60,000 to get
Talk about being robbed
You're not the only one buried under a loan
Already knocked out by Sylvester Stallone
No jobs, No jobs, begging for a handout
Or how about just building a life
No, plan for more strife!
More cuts, bennies, and helps for the robber barons
While doing what's right seems to mean nothing anymore!
---The Squawker

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