Monday, April 22, 2013

America's Uniform!

I am old enough that I remember when everything was more beautiful. People wore bright colors and designs, instead of endless blue jeans and T-shirts. I had the thought watching a crowd at a holiday parade, they are dressed so darkly and everyone was in blue jeans young and old. There is no difference anymore. There is no lightness in the party of life anymore. Am I strange to think that seeing a dress with a few flowers on it would be nice once in awhile? One day at the grocery store I decided count how many women you see NOT wearing blue jeans with a T-shirt/polo ensemble, I saw 4, among hundreds. What does that say? Mao couldn't have dreamed of "uniforming" a nation with such ease! 

"In recent months there have been reports in the foreign press that after a long absence skirts and dresses are returning to China. The way Chinese women dress has often been looked upon by foreigners with some dismay and disapproval. 'How can they bear to look all the same?', 'How drab the streets must be', and 'What has become of all those rich colours, embroideries and fabrics?'. . . Frequently, the widespread tendency for men and women to dress in plain cotton jackets and trousers is thought to be the result of strict official measures brought into operation in 1949."

Guess I am old enough to remember different. America wears a uniform now perhaps to match the uniform thoughts?---The Squawker. 

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