Monday, January 27, 2014

Poverty Rates Surge in the Suburbs

The first woman is fortunate to be able to live with a relative, imagine where she would be living on $19,000 a year or $1,400 a month? The jobs are paying far less. For a job I made $11 an hour in the mid 1990s before I was disabled; they now pay people only $8 an hour and still expect some education.

Many people who grew up in the suburbs with parents that did well, are now facing the fact they cannot get jobs like their parents held or make anywhere near the money they did and maintain the same lifestyles.. However, the mother that this lady lives with is working two jobs to keep expensive property taxes paid on a small two bedroom house.  One thing I am glad the video points out, is that many of these poor people are WORKING and just not making enough to pay for food and other necessities. They talk about Suffolk County, where the cost of living is higher. That applies to a lot of places now.

Many futurists have written that the suburbs will be the ghettoes of tomorrow.---The Squawker

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