Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Where Did The Good Jobs Go?


Where Did The Good Jobs Go? Globalization, Free Trade And The Demise Of America’s Middle Class

“I might be doing the work of three people due to under-staffing,” McDonald’s employee Kareem Starks, a 30-year-old former Parks Department employee, told Salon. “It’s been hard trying to live off the minimum wage, $7.25, and support my two kids plus pay rent.”

Many of the older fast food workers are well-educated, with 42 percent of employees over the age of 25 having least some college education, including 753,000 with a bachelor’s degree or higher."
Globalization is destroying the USA economy. Honestly when young people ask me what should they do for a living or study it's hard coming up with a secure answer. Notice the number of the college degreed flipping burgers now for The Clown. ---The Squawker

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