Monday, February 6, 2017

Guest Cartoon: The Highwayman: "Out Of Money Experience"

<Courtesy Of: The Highwayman
<For The Full Effect...Click On The Image!>

This latest Highwayman effort slipped over the RNN (Ramen Noodle Nation) email transom yesterday after I got back from my latest trip to Family Dollar. One of the cashiers and I started running over the political situation. I mentioned some local anti-Trump protests are already underway, and she said, "Yeah, it's either when I have to work here, or take my kid somewhere. But I'm hoping I can make one of them."

She further noted that her eldest daughter happens to be good at science, but isn't likely to capitalize on that interest any time soon. "Why's that," I asked. The answer? "Well, she still owes about $45,000 in school (college) debt. That's why she's waiting tables." She paused. "Oh, and they just told us our hours are getting cut." I waited for the punchline. "Guess that minimum wage was just too much!"

I promised to let her how the protests pan out. In the meantime...enjoy the cartoon. If that's the right word for these truly desperate times. --The Reckoner

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