Monday, March 9, 2015

The Elites Ripping Off the Willing

$950-2000 a month to live in a closet? Are these people nuts?

Soon they'll have everyone living in pods the size of caskets to sleep in just like they have in Toyko but there they consider them "pod hotels".  

The elites will sell it as having a "low" carbon footprint to deceived millennials who know and demand nothing better. Think about the things the greedy normalize, it is sickening. Such a thing would not have been acceptable 50 years ago, all they are doing is forcing the serfs to live more compressed. By the way, a low income's micro-apartment won't have all the fancy space-savers.

 Imagine what your life then becomes paying half or more of your income for a box to live in, where you can't even have a stack of magazines or an art easle because space is so small, you may as well take the cardboard for free that's in the street--The Squawker

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