Monday, March 9, 2015

Everything Costs Too Much

When you are poor, you can't get anything done.

We paid the electric bill and internet bill--remember, The Reckoner needs it for work, and
bought a few days of groceries. I am cooking from scratch constantly. This includes  soups, beans, peppers, stuffed cabbage. If we eat out it has to be under five dollars a meal which is very rare. I wish my church had more potlucks.  I can't afford the GMO laden rot your gut out crap they are unloading on most Americans.

How is one supposed to actually have a life when there is no money?

When you are poor you simply can't get anything done. Everything is for tomorrow. The response to everything is No. The spoiled yuppies of the world would never imagine this. They put their hands on their hips in their niche full lives and judge people like us.

The car needs a new exhaust system and a new windshield.

The oil needs changing. Hopefully I can come up with it in the next few weeks.

The carpets need steam cleaning [we would do it ourselves if our bodies were in better shape to use the rental one but I've used those before and it just doesn't get it as cleaned when I was able to do it]

We need to pay the car and renter's insurance, The Reckoner may have it at the end of the week.

I paid two small medical bills. I had the years where I had no insurance and it almost cost me my life. We paid rent which grows higher as the money coming in grows lower. They added the water and sewer on last year which made the bill automatically 20-30 higher a month.

We don't even have money to go on a 30 mile day trip. Vacations never have been on the table.

Both of us need glasses, I may be able to get some if I can come up with 160 bucks. How many months will that take to save?

I need new medical supplies for one of my health conditions.

We both need new clothes, underwear. We each own one pair of shoes. A lot of our clothes are from thrift but those are hard to find if you wear over a skinny person's size.

The apartment needs painting. Neither of us know how to paint. I'm disabled and at our age and health, we are looking at broken legs trying to teeter on a step ladder. They want $200 to give us a new rug, a fee for moving furniture. I don't see me ever having it.

I wish I could replace the computer table with the broken leg.  Even the thrift store wants money.

Many friends are kind, giving me little treats, and books to read and other caring gestures. I wish I could do more for them from my end.

All the prices are skyrocketing for everything, and well, it's getting scary out there.----The Squawker

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