Sunday, March 4, 2012

Punk Rock Poetry Corner: The People's Haikus #2: (For Freelancers & Journalists)

Newspapers folding
At dizzying speeds: have empire,
must now work for food.

I spent 20 years
reheating meals, losing sleep:
I lost my job anyway.

Fend for yourself now
Amid the wreckage: no prospects, benefits.

Dear Freelancer: your

pay is due for an increase (when
Hell freezes over).

What is the essence
of a correspondent?
Rhymes with..."despondent."

Shareholders swarm
like locusts, leaving nothing
but dreams in pieces.

As newsrooms topple
Like dominoes nationwide,
one thought has struck me:

Here is our downfall,
In 25 words or less...we
missed so many hints.
  • The Reckoner

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