Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feel Poor on 100,000 Year?

Check out this article. This lady is talking about feeling the pinch in a 6 figure household.....

Feeling Poor on $100,000 a year?

Well as the lifestyles go up, the expenses go up. There people who live in some of those modern suburban homes, with 4 bedrooms that pay $700 dollars a month in property taxes alone which is equal to rent for others.  If the Squawker ever had made "real money",she would have kept the same lifestyle remaining within an apartment rather then the adapting the expenses of the suburban modern American lifestyle, but then had more money to go places and do things for others. Buying a new car for the son to deliver pizza seems absurd.. I found the part about how expensive community college is, to be pretty high up there. The sad thing is unless the sons have technical or other talents or happen to major in a field in demand, the jobs may not be waiting out there. I can believe the $1,000 dollars for food, for 4 people especially if one is living in a more urban area and buying healthy or organic food. Food bills for many have shot up.  Life is not the same for anyone, even those in the upper classes, know the times of leisure spending have eroded. Of course if someone at 100,000 a year feels the pinch, how about the majority who make far less then that? Question the modern American suburban lifestyle and how expensive it is, perhaps some changes are in order---The Squawker.


  1. $100,000 / year is not upper class.

  2. Yeah you are right, in many places it definitely is not.

    It's better then the guy stuck at 20,000 but given the value of the dollar has dropped so much, I understand where you are coming from--The Squawker