Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Poverty Isn't Always Easy To See

This is a Canadian commercial done for Salvation Army. It's true just seeing the outside of someone's house or apartment doesn't tell the whole story about their lives.  We live in an apartment building that is a middle class building in our case. This is a nice apartment building with landscaping, and a pool. If you saw where we lived, you would assume we are not poor.

Not every poor person is living in the slums. Many now live in the surburbs. Some people pay more then half their income to rent or more.. We pay around 35-40% of our income to rent depending on that month's income since my husband's income varies.

In our case, we have a more expensive place to live because air conditioning due to my lung condition is a necessity and we need room for my medical equipment, and an apartment that is accessible and quiet.

There are many trade offs the poor have to make. Housing is one of the biggest costs and many poor people have to sacrifice to have a decent and sustainable place to live.

There are times we discuss moving because so much money is dedicated to rent but who wants to lose a safe place in a central location? Go out further into cheaper rural areas, then one is totally dependent on a 13 year old car with no Dial A Ride or bus service. Go into cheaper inner-city areas, then you have crime to worry about and lose peace and quiet. Go into a rented room, then there's no room for medical equipment for a disabled spouse and you lose privacy.

 It's a tough trade off at times for the poor. Housing is a harsh issue on the poor. This is a good commercial displaying the hidden aspects of poverty---The Squawker.

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