Saturday, March 5, 2016

Talking Heads (Take Note): I'm Not Going Along With "The Program"

Don't touch that dial!
Television screams, your face turning green,
Don't listen to the news,
Don't know what you hear, they never make it clear,
They like to keep your state confused,
Propaganda time, the official line,
You're hungry, you get fed,
Everlasting smile, you must convey their style,
But they're just a Talking Head
--Motorhead, "Talking Head"

Salon: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton & The Democrats' Dilemma:

1 comment:

  1. Ole Hitlery is busy stealing the election and demanding the cooking of books, with Trump the shill buffoon being used to get her elected?

    I've noticed how the "establishment" ones keep claiming the economy is getting better, what a joke that is. Better for the ultra rich.

    With disability they are turning everyone down and their brother, it's scary, then with no COLA's it's worth less and less.