Thursday, December 10, 2015

Punk Rock Poetry Corner: Haikus 2009 (By Don Hargraves)

<Haikus 2009>

Goodbye to the year
    that never should have become
        the year we went through:

The Stock Market Dropped
    and a woman's life turned into
        noisy agony
    and is now held together
        by Valium Eucharists

Jobs came and jobs left.
    I held onto mine closely
        As millions lost theirs…
    My wages didn't move down
        For which I am SO grateful…

Promises were made
    which in the end were better
        left aside broken
    but pride forces shit along
        that should never have been done.

Deaths came fast and thick
    as the year came to an end;
        ugliness followed:
    One came with middle fingers
        another: bad memories.

And through all of it
    a striving that seemed finished
        only to cut off:
    I watched the rich hoard like hell
        and the poor were forced to pay

So I say goodbye
    to a year that should never
        be mentioned again...

                    --Don Hargraves

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