Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UPDATE: CTA Kicks Workers To The Curb With Rules Crackdown

At times, the ever-mobile art of blogging demands an update of the original material. In this case, it's a timely reminder of the latest employee bloodletting at the Chicago Transit Authority, which we first documented in this post, "CTA Kicks Workers To The Curb With Rules Crackdown" (9/9/12):

As today's update suggests, the average CTA worker's lot is apparently continuing its backslide under the unforgiving gaze of Forrest Claypool, one of many well-connected political insiders who gets to decide the direction of a city...while those below him, apparently, are expected to gaze in wonder as he ponders and rules.

In any event, read the updated post and link for yourself...then repeat this mantra under your breath: "The more things change...the more they stay the same."  At least, that's how the view looks from here, anyway.  --The Reckoner

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