Monday, September 15, 2014

Dave Ramsey is for the Middle Class and Above, Not Me!

Dave Ramsey is for the rich. Those with the expendable income, hard wood floors and granite counters mentioned below. Years ago, many churches in my area got into Dave Ramsey. I never took a class but read his column and at least one book. His advice to save $1,000 for an emergency made sense, and on occasion we have. Sadly though a car repair or reduced work for my husband always makes it vaporize like a fart in the wind. One thing I noticed with this guy: expendable income was a given. All of his advice centered around having a good income that paid the bills and then allowed for a huge chunk of expendable income for the savings, plannings and goals. One thing missing from the Dave Ramsey plan for millions is the GOOD JOB that pays money like this. 

On Sept 9th, he offers advice in his column to use coupons and to drink water and to go to matinee movies. Sure the poor are used to doing that, though some of us wonder why the coupons now are only for the inedible garbage [make you sick foods] and expensive stuff. I haven't been to a movie since "The King's Speech" came out.

His response to the second guy made me laugh: you can save those car payments, and be able to buy a good used car. I think the guy should have avoided the expensive new car, but what does he do in the meantime? Unless he lives next door to his workplace, how is going without a car for 12 months going to work for most?

He equates debt to moral defeat. Easy for a rich guy who has options to promote.  The sad thing is Americans of better means lap this stuff up and then look at anyone who is poor with a jaundiced eye and sneer of disgust.

He then posted this article "20 Things The Rich Do Everyday" [Google the title, it is right on his website].

 This was posted about a year ago and is written by another author. It is awe-inspiring in it's absolute ignorance and denial.

Dave Ramsey then provides his own commentary.

The list is horrible, it basically denotes all the poor as "lazy" ingrates with bad habits. The poor eat more junk food. The rich are more focused on accomplishing a goal--but of course they are, they have MONEY to get things done! The rich exercise more, they listen to audio books, they maintain a to-do list. The rich supposedly read more. Would Ramsey believe that I read multiple books a week? The poor watch more TV--of course they do when you can't afford to go out. The rich have good habits. All this with percentages applied.

Ramsey should know better. On his website he offers commentary and is shocked, shocked I tell you, that the list upset so many! He writes: "Because of this I am amazed at how many of my brothers and sisters in Christ have attacked us because of a simple list posted on our website".  To be honest, as a Christian I think the guy should be embarrassed to post such poor hating claptrap. It brightens my day to know a few did protest. Ramsey needs to reread the Bible again. Does he remember about what was said about the camel and eye of the needle by Jesus? I don't think so.

He says to his readers, "This list simply says your choices cause results," and "To assume our ministry hates the poor is ludicrous and is a reflection more on you than on our work or our beliefs. He continues on and claims basically that anyone who is poor in America is at fault. Hmm, like Americans chose outsourced jobs and low wages? I am sure my husband would love to still have a good newspaper job instead of contract ones where they pay him by the piece. He goes on to claim that anyone who believes that our system is broken is a "liberal". What a shill! Give me a break. There are many non-Democrats/liberals who know that things are falling to pieces around us.

I hate to see someone warp the gospel so. He is like a prosperity preacher on crack. This guy is not for me!----The Squawker

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