Thursday, May 8, 2014

1957: Social Class In America

It was a much different world back then wasn't it?

One thing to notice, they shared the same high school and were born in the same hospital though the rich Dad tells his son, he wanted him to have a democratic background. Even that way of thinking has changed, that Dad didn't want his son to be elitist and wanted him to know what other folks were like.  There was much more interaction between the classes even if there was far more racial segregation. I have seen that change even within my lifetime where different social classes would mix a bit more. In the 1980s in high school, I had rich friends who lived on the border of the country club and ones who lived in the projects. Now the social classes are more separated but in smaller towns, the world's overlap a bit more then in urban places. Zip code in many places now is determined by the income you have for rent or what home you can afford to purchase.

Today now, many people fall out of their parent's class, the vertical mobility goes down instead of up--The Squawker.

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