Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How Many Americans Can Afford Another $2-300 Bill (Or MORE) A Month?

Americans are strapped. Pushed to the wall via endless bills.

How many Americans can afford another $2-300 dollar bill a month? That's for the poor and younger folks--funny how they are focusing on the costs for a 21 year old in the news articles, think a $1,000 a month for the middle class and above and older. I don't know any middle class families with their mortgages, car payments, and groceries who can take a $1,000 hit on top of everything else.

Cost of Obamacare: its SUPER EXPENSIVE!

This is a big fat pork bill for insurance companies. This isn't like NHS but where the middle men get a giant cut. Also you are left with huge medical bills too, you have to pay thousands of dollars in deductibles before it even kicks in.

I was on bad medical insurance at a job once, I had a $1,000 dollar a month deductible, it may as well had been zero because I never had an extra thousand dollars to spend on medical tests or anything else since that it is all I made in take home a month back in the 1990s. I'm on Medicare being disabled, though I wonder if Obamacare will destroy that too. Liberals simply ignored the numbers while they cheered for Obama. --The Squawker

P.S.: Here's an analysis from Dollars And Sense magazine that really lays out all the relevant issues:

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