Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Those who believe those on Welfare are LAZY

I had an old church member post a screen shot on a social website of something with the same sentiment, it wasn't as nasty as the second one. I told her, why don't you question why they have sent all the jobs overseas? What jobs are people supposed to go get? On top of this, you have the people who are of the "they could find a job" if they could school. I lived in a small town, for a time, where even a job at the local McDonalds came near and dear, and definitely they were more apt to hire more wiry and faster young people. Most would rather have a job then be on welfare.

But forgotten with sentiments like this is MANY PEOPLE ON WELFARE ARE WORKING. Hey that was my experience, pre-disabled life, scrapping together at the bottom of the temp world barrel, and piecing together jobs. I often worked over 30 hours a week if not more, but the pay was so low, I couldn't even support myself. If one even looks at minimum wage and what it will buy, it doesn't cover basic rent in most places anymore. What are people to do?

Of course welfare is likely for those who have lost a job, or become underemployed. But to be honest how many working for low wages at Wal-mart are forced to be on welfare? How many people who have been forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a job, have been paid so little, especially with the many companies who refuse full time hours to save on benefits that they can't even meet substinence living levels?

The numbers of people on welfare in this country is skyrocketing, I do not think it is because they are lazy. Are there some who have abused the welfare rolls via generational welfare? Yes, but they were on welfare before and the history of that group of people losing jobs, started even earlier. Were there so many ghettos before they closed all the factories? Think about that one. Someone those lucky enough NOT to be on welfare are busy condemning those who are on it, and refusing to look at the big picture. I don't think 50 million Americans decided to wake up one day and be "lazy". I think they sent the jobs overseas, they dismantled the manufacturing base. I look around at towns now, even small ones and think so many people, so few jobs, what are they all supposed to DO?

Being a poor person, I know the stigma all too often. I hear "Why don't those poor people get off their butt?". So and so "works so hard" and succeeded, they don't like it when I point out that person had the OPPORTUNITY to work in the first place.--The Squawker

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