Sunday, September 23, 2012

Those Who Simply Do Not Want To Know

One thing about the economic problems overtaking America, is the reality that most people out there are taking the news for granted, so instead of looking around them and seeing the abandoned store fronts, they believe Obama when he tells them the economy is improving. Endless pundits tell us the economy is improving over and over. What world do they live in? Then Romney does even the same, basically insulting half of America, blaming them for dependence on the government.

Romney Calls Half of Americans Hopeless Losers

What are we all supposed to do go in the street and starve? No one questions how much everything costs, but supposedly without jobs, we are all supposed to be "self reliant", how does that one manage that off the land without benefitting from the full fruits of one's labors when one can be laid off on a whim? In the old days, disabled people could be taken care of with one income coming into the household, the bills were paid, food and medical care was affordable, and so was life. One could start a small business and make it, and also more people had communities, close by families where there was mutual help and support. So what is Romney's solution? "Go die!, poor people!" And if you think Obama cares about the poor, he doesn't, he just keeps lying about the economy improving to make himself look better. They've been cooking the numbers for years.

So the condemnation comes full force, and perhaps Romney was seeking to win over all those "blame the poor" types who turn a blind eye to the endless trillions given to the banks and wars. Hey even Obama promised more cash for Indonesia. What was that 1 billion? 2 billion? Ah they will just print more money! While America goes broke, Obama has been passing our money out like he is on a Friday night bender.

See of them complaining about QE3 which is basically more bail-outs for bankers and more cash in their pockets? I sure don't. It's easier to blame the poor. Also all the nonsense about personal responsibility, sure there are poor people who have substance abuse problems  but they use this to paper over the failing economy, basically saying "Let them eat cake" and "It's your fault"  to every person who is poor.

Sometimes I wonder if Romney is throwing the election to Obama on purpose, you know another John McCain, or John Kerry, The Reckoner may not agree with me on this, but I believe they already got their man chosen before the two party dance show is put on stage.

One historical fact I would LOVE to find out, is when the first depression was going on, did people admit it? Could the poor speak openly of what was happening or where they silenced by those around them? Sometimes when frogs get cooked in pots on low, the process is so gradual, they can lead people to believe that things were always like this, but there seems to be a process going on way beyond that.

I was on a social website group, talking about an old town I lived in and one guy admitted that the abandoned and foreclosed house rate was astronomical. The rate was something like 30% county-wide! He got this rate off a mainstream government website. While living in that town 6 years ago, I once counted multiple empty houses in my own neck of the woods, and I did not live on the "bad side of town".  It was strange seeing those houses with shuttered windows and more falling into disrepair and depressing as well.  Many people got angry, that conversation was shut down. They were horrified that such thing would even be discussed. As the conversation went on, a very brainwashed woman came on and told us, that no president should be criticized, Obama or Romney should he win, and she included Bush. Those are the types that led us down this road to begin with. She also should be given an retroactive "F" in government class for failing the once cherished standards of American citizenship. She added "Nothing is wrong with the economy in ______, we are doing just fine ourselves!"

With those kind of attitudes, well truth and reality are being pushed aside quite easily by the powers that be. They have succeeded in getting Americans to embrace their own demise, so when Medicare, welfare and unions are no more, and we have people starving in the streets, or living on 2 dollars an hour, after all welfare amounts to modern soup lines, then things will get very interesting. It probably won't stop them from handing more billions of dollars overseas countries that hate us, or more wars--Obama has led most of the liberals of today to love war, see any war protesting lately? or stopping the cash flow to the bankers.

If I recall even in that old small town, there was even one editor who was fired for saying, "hey there are serious economic problems".Sure one doesn't want a place to get a bad reputation, it was a very nice small town but what happens to a place when the powers that be or those who still have money in their pockets are invested in the whole NOTHING TO SEE HERE mantra. It makes you wonder when that happens to an entire country.They do want to make you voiceless, inconsequential and they want to advance the plan to strip all the safety nets but for all the talk of personal responsibility they are coming up with, they desire to strip away as much freedom as possible as well. Sure maybe things were better before everyone became dependent, the IDEAL definitely would be otherwise, but something inside me almost tells me it's like they put the carrots on the stick, ripped down the system and are ripping it all away by plan, what else explains the lust for outsourcing?  If there are no jobs, no growing your own food, no jobs, no money, how do they expect people to survive? My conclusion they don't care. And in this whole picture, they don't want you to care either, and the ones who are awake will be silenced with cries of "You are wrong!", "How dare you!", "How dare you criticize politician #1 and #2" or the simply the now dominant.... "It's not happening!" and the hatred of the poor which has served the elite so well, will be advanced, while they clean the till out.

Oh one thing, Romney is a liar, even the poorest person in the land, everytime they buy food, gas or anything else, pays SOME TAXES. --The Squawker

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